What are your business hours?

We're open Monday thru Friday, from 9 AM to 6 PM (Central).

Can I contact you via text message?

Yes indeed, we are setup to receive SMS/text messages!

Text our team at: 1 (618) 278-6727

Note that while you are welcome to text us anytime, we are only able to see and respond to new messages during business hours. Messages that are sent outside business hours may not be seen until we are back in the office.

Do you observe any holidays?

We ❤️ our clients and believe deeply in being available to them as much as possible. In order to make it easy to get in touch with us, we remain open on most holidays. Please see below for our complete list of scheduled holidays when we will be closed.


Scheduled Holidays

How should I send you images for my website?

You can email your images as attachments to support@triphitz.com. Please be sure to include your any instructions with your images so we know how where to place them on your site. We look forward to helping you!