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    Social Media Management

    Drive engagement and grow your followers with a dedicated social media management service that generates interest in your accommodation.

    Social MediA Management

    Generate Engagement and Followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

    Looking to grow your social media following, get more engagement, and send traffic to your website? With our social media management service, you will have access to a dedicated social media expert who will work with you directly and manage your profiles, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We will create posts, answer comments, reply to direct messages and keep up with your followers.

    Key Benefits


    Accelerate your growth and connect with your audience like never before through our social media management service. Here are just some of the features included with all of our plans.

    Get Creative

    We will create unique on-brand posts to drive engagement and generate followers for all of your social media profiles.

    On-Demand Posts

    Let us know what you need, and we will post it to your profile right away. You can email us your update, and we'll post it to all of your profiles.

    Constant Contact

    Your followers are potential customers who want to hear from you. Let us reply to direct messages and engage with your followers.

    Complete Solution

    You will never need to worry about logging in, updating your profile, or anything else. We will handle all aspects of your social media.

    Marketing your accommodation on social media

    Marketing your accommodation on social media takes more than catchy posts and hashtags. Inspire action and reach your target audience like never before through our social media management service. From posts to comments and likes, we'll put together a strategy to grow your following, one day at a time.
    If you're an inn, hotel, or resort, and you're looking to expand your audience, we're the perfect partner for you! We will post creative on-brand content to your social media profiles and keep up with your followers as if you had a full-time social media manager on staff.
    Our high-quality posts will serve as a reminder to recurring customers and generate targeted followers who are likely to stay at your establishment in the future. In addition, we'll help you stay connected with existing customers, followers, and inquiries, by responding to Direct Messages (DMs), mentions, and comments on your behalf.

    Plans and Pricing

    Ready to get started? Please choose a plan below or contact us to receive a quote on our Social Media Management (SMM) service.
    Grow Your Audience
    3 Social Profiles*
    12 Creative Posts**
    8 On-demand Posts***
    Billed Monthly $195
    Basic SMM
    Engage Your Followers
    1 Social Profile*
    8 Creative Posts**
    4 On-demand Posts***
    Billed Monthly $95
    SMM Max
    Maximize Your Efforts
    4 Social Profiles*
    Daily Creative Posts**
    16 On-demand Posts***
    Daily Monitoring
    Billed Monthly $395

    *Profiles may be spread across different platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
    **We will post to each of your profiles these many times each week.
    ***We will format and post any content you submit to us to all your profiles.

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    It's time to rethink your posts and start getting better results on social media. Click below to request a quote, and see how we can help your accommodation grow its reach through social media.
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